Dylan Maxwell Reilly (ME!)

Work History broken down by employer.

Resume available in PDF format.



  • Biomarker quantization, Pending, co-inventor, assignee: HistoRx, Inc.
  • Automatic exposure time selection for imaging tissue, July 2011, co-inventor, assignee: HistoRx, Inc.
  • Smart card data transaction system and methods for providing high levels of storage and transmission security, May 2008, co-inventor, assignee: IBM.

I am an amateur photographer blessed with a partner driven to travel.

On these pages can be find a sampling of my visions of the world. There are larger sets from a selection of specific trips shared on my Google+ profile. Please enjoy them.


My partner and I have been practicing the art of pottery for the past few years at Wesleyan Potters in Middletown, CT.

Her specialty is Japanese raku and intricate glazing patterns while I tend to focus on forms and colors often inspired by traditional shapes and glazing techniques.

Both of us are available for custom projects. A small number of items can be found on Etsy.

Samples of my work.